Cogent<sup>™</sup> - 2-in-1 Hemodynamic Monitoring System 


2-in-1 Hemodynamic Monitoring System

Minimally invasive and invasive hemodynamic monitoring technologies in a single, lightweight system with wireless communication.Voir les détails >

LiDCO LXi™ - Noninvasive Hemodynamic Monitoring System 


Noninvasive Hemodynamic Monitoring System

Noninvasively and continuously monitor blood pressure, cardiac output, stroke volume, and other critical hemodynamic parameters earlier and safer than ever before.Voir les détails >

Q2 Plus<sup>™</sup> - CCO/SvO<sub>2</sub> Computer 

Q2 Plus

CCO/SvO2 Computer

Provides advanced hemodynamic monitoring with unparalleled accuracy and reliability.Voir les détails >