IV-EHR Integration | <br>Improving Medication Management

Improving Medication Management

ICU Medical offers various IV Clinical Integration solutions that include functionality to enable the pump to be automatically programmed directly from the physician’s order with Smart Pump Programming and Medication ID Programming, as well as automatically document infusion information in the EHR with Infusion Documentation.* 


It’s as simple as scan, scan, scan, verify, and go 




ICU Medical is the leader1 and first IV infusion pump provider with live integrated sites. While IV Clinical Integration technology is a relatively new innovation, early adopting institutions report very positive results. In these facilities, IV Clinical Integration is impacting the three areas most important to you: safety, efficiency and cost**. 

  • Reduced manual steps from 17 to 72

  • Reduced heparin errors by 32%2

  • Reduced time to document a code blue from 120 minutes to 5 minutes3

  • Saved an estimated $6.8 million in prevented adverse drug events4


* Functionality may vary based on EHR vendor

** Results from live IV Clinical Integration sites. Pump type may vary. Results may vary by facility.


IHE Integration Statement*

VendorProduct NameVersionDate
Hospira Hospira MedNet™ 6.21 November 2016
This Product Implements All Transactions Required In The IHE Integration Profiles, Actors and Options Listed Below:
Integrated Profiles ImplementedActors ImplementedOptions Implemented 
CT – Consistent Time Time Client    
DEC – Device Enterprise Communication Device Observation Reporter    
PIV – Point-Of-Care Infusion Order Consumer    
ACM – Alert Alert Reporter    
IPEC – Infusion Pump Device Observation Reporter    
Links Standards Conformance Statements For Implementation   
HL7 Not Applicable    
DICOM Not Applicable    
Links General Information On IHE   
In North America: In Europe: In Japan:  
www.ihe.net www.ihe-europe.net www.jira-net.or.jp/ihe-j  

*Hospira, Inc. Data on File. 2015 IHE Connectathon Result Matrix. March 2015


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